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Custom Stained Glass Business Logos and Corporate Signs

Nothing will draw attention to your corporate or organizational logo like a stained glass treatment! It is possible to have your logo etched onto clear glass or actually create the logo from stained glass itself.

Imagine your company logo or corporate sign spanning or hanging within a prominent window, or mounted on a wall behind the receptionist or in the entryway of your office, restaurant, or place of business. Contact us to discuss how impressive and affordable this type of artistic tax write-off can be!

stained glass business logo


This logo was done for Guerrilla Productions LLC. Onwer, Wil Kazary emailed us a logo to create a stained glass version of it. Altogether, it took us 2 weeks from start to finish.

Stained Glass Business Logo

We really enjoyed coming up with a unique design for Pro Office Solutions. As Xerox-authorized dealers in the Triangle area, converting Xerox's logo into a stained glass business logo was fun and easy. We chose red, textured stained glass and clear, textured stained glass pieces for the logo. Antique, clear glass frames the logo at an angle to give a sense of mobility. The wood 'stand' came from tree where our workshop is in Providence, NC. President, Gregg Marks loved it and that made our day :)

Stained Glass Corporate Sign Trophy